there is a girl at moorpark college

that looks like a midget.

i don’t think she is,

but she looks like one.

you can see her stubby fingers from here.

how can she carry anything with such useless digits?

i don’t hate her,

i just don’t trust her.

and now

she just hit her knee on a chair

and i think she’s dead.

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well now, this is an interesting little title for a post that dances around the issues.

there is perhaps nothing quite as isolated in this world as a fat kid listening to an ipod.

i take that back. a hobo wearing a mcdonald’s bag on his head takes a close second.

Let me lay down the law of this:
1.) I will not use capital letters unless what I have to say is somewhat important.*
2.) Most of the time I will not say anything important. Act accordingly.
3.) There is a high chance that there will be no correlation between any two posts here. I don’t know yet, though. We’ll behead that king when we get to him.
4.) Updates will be sporadic, of this much I am sure. I may update 24 times in a single day in an attempt to be like Jack Bauer with a blog or I may update once every time the human race mutates into a new species.
5.) The N-Word is NOT allowed.
7.) i love medication commercials. they make me never want to watch TV again.
8.) is a good place to stop.

*This is because I believe that captial letters are simply there to exploit the lower-case letter proletariat. However, sometimes one must use the capital letters to properly mobilize the proletariat.

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