alright, alright, alright

sorry for the huge gaps in between posts here. i just haven’t had the will to write anything lately. that being said, i am writing now and i would like to let you in on an idea.

the background: two of my friends, adam miller and gordon anderson, recently saw some d00ds wearing shirts that basically said, “accept jesus or accept permanent damnation.” because of these rather harsh words, we figured that these religious wackos have a much different bible than most people. i.e. it features a much harder and more kickass jesus.

the idea: because that thought made us giggle like little girls, we thought that we should write one such bible about a more badass, less lovable jesus. and you’d better believe there will be sodomy.

-our jesus will fight mostly blacks and jews.

-most, if not all chapters/sentences will end with the phrase “and then [the victim] knew the awesome, terrible strength of the lord jesus christ.”

-we’re going to claim it’s well over 2000 years old, even though there will be very obvious modern cultural touchstones. for example, in one of the chapters in the book of gordon, jesus fights the great jew steven spielberg… and possibly chuck liddell from UFC.

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